The Swedish Research Council was granted over 18 million for the CDC4G study to be used over a 3-year period (Dnr 2018-00470), (Dnr 2018-00470).

ALF – Region Örebro County, Gothenburg (GBG-823211, ALFGBG-932692, OLL-930268).

Nyckelfonden – Region Örebro County (OLL-597601).

Region Örebro County Research Committee, USÖ (OLL-693551, OLL-786911).

Regional Research Committee Uppsala-Örebro (RFR-749241).

Mrs Mary von Sydows, born Wijk (numbers 1017, 4917, 2618 and 3718).

Clinical Therapy Research, Region Stockholm County

The Centre of Clinical research, Västmanland County Council (LTV-966501).

Research Funds of Skåne University Hospital and the Skåne County Council Research and Development Foundation (REGSKANE-622891).